The purpose of the Kiko Sire Directory is to allow Kiko breeders to post their herd sires and their pedigrees on a convenient site for marketing and promotion. This site provides potential buyers the opportunity to research pedigrees and see a picture of the bucks, which are of interest to them.

These outstanding Bucks are all featured in this online Kiko Sire Directory. Browse through the pages of the various breeders and if you want to improve your herd, contact a breeder to see if breeding stock is available.


The information in each listing is provided by the owner of the buck and may vary from listing to listing.  Top breeders are willing to market semen, from outstanding bucks in the breed, to other breeders to improve their herds. Semen availability may be noted on the listings.  One of the quickest ways of improving a herd is to breed to bucks with known performance, such as Expected Progeny Difference (EPD) or Buck performance test data. Bucks currently enrolled in the program may be noted in the listing and data added to the listing as the programs such as the EPD program comes on-line. We invite all Kiko breeders to list their bucks on the Sire Directory and also invite other breeders to look at the listings when searching for their next herd sire to improve their herds. Commercial bucks without a registration certificate from one of the registries are not eligible.

If you have bucks to list in this directory, click on the last link on the left or contact The Bryan Group.